"Der Frieden" frei nach Aristophanes

As "DIONYSIEN" the great theater festivals of Greece were described, in which the entire city was involved. Three tragedies and one comedy were presented in one day. The evening ends with a light touch, when in the piece "Der Frieden" a utopia comes to take part on stage.

Staging Carl Philip von Maldeghem, Choreography Kate Watson.


 In the Greek theater, every tragic triad is accompanied by a serene and reconciliatory ending. The major project "Dionysien" in the Felsenreitschule learns from Aristophanes' comedy "Der Frieden". The swineherd Trygäos sets out on a huge dung beetle to neutralize the god of war in Olympus and liberate the goddess of peace. The individualistic perspective of confronting an omnipotence of gods is reminiscent of heroes of the commedia dell'arte, or idealistic demonstrators, who are not buckled even in the face of turbo-capitalism. The big festival will be part of the young participative project with the participation of 100 pupils from ten different partner schools. They invite the audience to join Trygäos on his flight to Mount Olympus and party in the auditorium.